Founder at Fluqe Luxe

Make up has always been my passion from an early age. I love making women beautiful, giving them the unstoppable confidence they need for the workplace or at home.

Looking beautiful can make a woman a more stronger individual. It can help her to stand out and excel in any part of her personal or professional life.

I setup Fluqe Luxe in 2018 because I felt there was a gap in the market where women were being traditionally underserved by existing make up studios. I was confident I could shake-up the current Make Up industry by introducing a more affordable & professional service without leaving a dent in their pockets. I believed there was room for much improvement within the existing beauty & cosmetics industry. Currently women pay extortionate rates for their make up at a studio.

Why Pay More??

It’s wrong! Why should you have to settle for an unsatisfactory and overpriced service? I strongly felt I could deliver a better quality professional service at a more affordable cost but without all the fuss and drama of the traditional high street beauty salon. It was time for a change.

The Disrupter

At Fluqe Luxe we’re heating up the competition. We’ll challenge the boring norm which people often except as a standard. We’re raising the bar, the standards and the quality of service. We’ll challenge the existing outrageous rates salons charge women for make up. We’ll challenge the often dull white plastered salon environment. We’ll challenge the pompous bored of life staff who think they know it all. If you can’t rise to the challenge, can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen, or in this case the salon. We’ll be cooking up a storm, and we have our masalas at the ready!

Family Life

At home, I was the older child of three siblings, growing up in Moscow, Russia. I was originally pursuing a career in Law, but always adored make up and fashion.