From Russia with love

Launched by Madina Khawaja in 2016, Fluqe Luxe is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in Europe. Madina began her professional beauty career in Moscow, Russia.

In 2018, Madina established Fluqe Luxe. Today it serves multiple cities across Spain, Russia and the UK.

Entrepreneur with ethics

Madina Khawaja supports many good causes in her private life, and is a goodwill ambassador to our sister human rights foundation, Fluqe Being.

Fluqe Luxe is against all forms of cruelty and mistreatment to animals. We only endorse products and services from brands whom endeavour to uphold the highest of quality control standards.

Fluqe Luxe is committed towards ending the suffering and abuse of animals by supporting PETA, whose hardwork helps lifesaving work for animals in the food industry, in circuses, in laboratories, and anywhere else that they’re mistreated.

We’re no fluqe

Fluqe Luxe is part of the Fluqe Group of companies. Fluqe is a growing global brand founded by, Zeshan Khawaja in London. You can visit our group’s global homepage here.

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